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I’m in Love With My All-Purpose Cleaning Spray!

All Purpose Cleaning

     Today as I was preparing for a full day of cleaning, I realized I had run out of my homemade, all-purpose cleaning spray. I began to look around for something I could use in it’s place when there it was! I set eyes upon my Essential Oil Cleaner Concentrate (buy it here)! Sure enough, as I looked at the label there was a recipe for all purpose cleaner! I mixed 1.5 Tbsp of the cleaner concentrate with water in my 16 oz glass spray bottle (I like this bottle with this top) and voila! I had the most amazing all-purpose cleaning spray! It doesn’t get much easier than that! The best part of this love story is that my new found, go-to spray only costs me $0.91 for 16 oz! 

     Ok maybe this is a bit dramatic haha but this stuff works beautifully and not only is it so super easy to throw together, it’s even easier to use! You should try it for sure! My other favorite part, it’s non toxic and free of harsh chemicals! I love love love it and will not be going without it from now on! 

Happy cleaning everyone!


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