My Yoga Journey

Day 9: Go With the Flow and Allow Less to be More


Today I intended to practice at a local class but that class was cancelled. A part of me felt like that was a good enough reason to skip today and try again tomorrow but i am so glad i didn’t! I just finished my yoga practice for the day and my body thanked me for making time for my mat.

I learned today that even if i only have time for a short practice it is so worth it! A daily practice won’t look the same everyday but what matters is that I put forward the effort and make it to my mat every day! I used to have the go big or go home attitude where I thought I needed to practice for at least an hour or I might as well not even practice. That attitude got me to where I am today, square one. With that type of attitude it is too easy to allow myself to skip for lame excuses and reasons.

Today I learned to give it all I have even if that’s not much, it still matters! It’s a collection of little steps that get you to where you want to be not just one leap. So today I keep on keepin on and move closer to freeing myself physically, mentally and spiritually!


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