Whole30: Over Half Way!

Delicious Whole30 fritata!!

Now that I am I’ve halfway through my first Whole30, I can honestly say I feel so empowered! I have now been to a few family functions and events where I had to eat a little differently than the rest of the crowd and guess what!? I lived through it lol! Yes there were questions and maybe a few eye rolls from some but I did it!! I didn’t cave just because of pressure or others’ thoughts of me! This feels amazing!

Chicken wrapped spinach with a roasted red pepper mayo sauce and a side of roasted potatoes! Delicious! Ignore my husband's (not whole30) beer! Haha

As you can see in the pictures, I haven’t been starving or eating straight salads for the last two weeks. I have been in REAL FOOD!!! Amazingly delicious foods that are actually providing my body with nutrition! Like I said it feels so good!! I would highly recommend doing this with a partner because having my sister by my side the whole time has made all the difference!


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